शनिवार, मार्च 10, 2012

I Seriously Miss You

I miss you
Can you hear my heart calling you?
Can you hear my soul scream?
Can you see the desperation in my face
When you say I won‘t see you again?
Can you feel the tears
That fall like summer rain?
I miss you
I miss the conversation
And all the easy laughs
I miss the way we used to sit
And watch the people pass
I miss my best friend
And all the times we had
I miss all the jokes we’d make
About the latest fad
I could talk to you about anything
There weren’t any taboos
I could tell you everything
My deep-est thoughts you knew
If you ever wonder
Let the knowledge ring through
Know that immersed in my heart
I miss you...

LOVE is not FAIR

I don't know what to do
You like me and I like you
But somehow you’re with him
You say it’s been awhile
And he's serious with you
But do you love him?
Does he love you?
Like I do?
I don't know what to do
I don't want you to feel pressured
But I don't see how it's fair
When you like me
And I like you
So that's why i say
LOVE is not FAIR
Neither to me
Nor to you...


Solitude used to be so special
till you came between us.

I think of you when I'm with her
and she knows that I do.

And it's not the same any more.
Nor can it ever be.