अंग्रेजी कविता लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं
अंग्रेजी कविता लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं

सोमवार, नवंबर 25, 2013

New Morning Sun

New Morning Sky opens eyes after long nights 
She wakes up with her arms outstretched 
Warm sun awaits the touch of her resplendent look 
Face covered with the veil, a mystery behind. 

Algid winds blow in her embrace to feel her 
To fathom the mystery of her vivacious love 
Nigrified clouds on her face cast a fresh slant 
Her smile coruscate in the gleam of rising sun. 

Blossoming sky walks barefoot towards the sun 
Glittering sun rendering his hue on her visage 
Scintillating love spreads in the halcyon sky 
As the dawn moves towards the new morning sun.

मंगलवार, नवंबर 12, 2013


Love is existance
Love is life
Love dear being
Is the way to paradise
Deep it with your heart
Deep it with your soul
Devote it to the one
And believe it as your pride
Love means to care
Love means to share
Caring for the Love
With your prime sacrifice
Take it as my word
Even God is with Love
The Love that is pure
Honest True and Divine
So Love but with purity
Devotion and sincerity
Surly God is with you 'nirjan'
Never never let him chide

गुरुवार, मार्च 21, 2013

I Love Rains

I love rains,
It take me back memory lanes,
Makes me wet,
With showers of her love and care.

When it thunders,
It reminds me of blunders,
That we both made,
During that loving decade.

When it breezees,
I recall her sneezes,
Wet clothes she wear,
She looked mesmerising i swear.

I love rains,
It take me back memory lanes.

रविवार, जनवरी 13, 2013

Allow Me Lord

Allow me Lord
To forgive and forget all those that have tresspassed against me

Allow me Lord
To Sanctify the Truth that we all seek in and amongst ourselves

Allow me Lord
To repent for all my Ignorances,Truths and lack of vision for myself and others

Allow me Lord
To prevail in these hard times that those unsure of themselves wreak havoc

Allow me Lord
To have this time with you and To be comforted by your consecrated truths

Allow me Lord
To Heal from the Sword that was choosen for me of which I fight everyday

Allow me Lord
To solve all these worries that render my soul and have taken life from me

Allow me Lord
To heighten those that worry and can not see the Light nor Vision of day nor Night

Allow me Lord
To strengthen my friendships and relationships of those who fear me for no reason

Allow me Lord
To rise above these murky waters and treacherous souls that do not forgive

Allow me Lord
To serve you in bondage when and where I can do not let me go blind

Allow me Lord
To prepare for the Tough times ahead knowing that I am giving my true intent even To a Stranger

Allow me Lord
To connect with you and be at your side despite the times of change for all

Allow me Lord
To understand those that are different than myself and allow them To be who they are

Allow me Lord
To send a message To the World of Peace and Justice for all not just the fortunate

Allow me Lord
To Bless those that want To be blessed by a person who believes in you and does not forget

Allow me Lord
To be one in union To all the sacredness and divinity that is a part of believing in you my Lord

Allow me Lord
To Pray To you the things that are most important To me and may those things become a part of my life

Allow me Lord
To not attach to those that do not have my highest intent for good as I have for them

Allow me Lord
To detach from those that have crossed Boundaries and assume that they have some power over me

Allow me Lord
To Forgive such uncaring and unemotional people from my Life, May they not be able To sleep at night

रविवार, जनवरी 06, 2013

The Power of Silence

Are you there? 
Can you hear me?
Possibly not because I am silence
My authority reigns over me and keeps me reserved
The atrocities I see and hear keep me silent
The violence overwhelming or souls keep me silent
The dispute And uncommon regard has me silent
Your wealth and greed have kept me silent
The lack of wisdom and fairness keep me silent
I do not shed a tear when silent
Because to cry would show my inner emotion
And that is silent
You rule the world as if
You only exist not seeing the truth
You have consumed us of a life
Your silence has confused and belittled us
Because your silence equals authority
What happened to you?
You were kind, compassionate and very loving
I understand how our silence has led us
To knowing what we are feeling
What we are thinking
What we love
What we want
And most of all
What is important
Your silence has led me to my ruin
Your silence has led me to my confusion
Your silence has led me to our disputes
Your silence has led me to a world without love
Your silence has killed many before and after me

गुरुवार, दिसंबर 27, 2012

Cable Mania

This is one poem from a old poetry hamper of mine when i was in school. That time Cable TV was introduced in the Indian market and the year was 1991 or 1992 i hardly remember it now. But i was really happy to have cable t.v at my home. I wrote this poem that during that time only. I hope it will help you recall your past days when you also like to enjoy the cable t.v and the teleserials. 

Has Cable TV really brought 
Entertainment and Fun
Let's peep into a house
Where Cable TV has just come
Oh Dear! Everyone is irritated
At Papa's love for 'BBC'
Didi wants to watch 'Channel V'
Dadi wants to make Pakwans with 'Khana Khazana'
Oh my! This Cable TV has driven everyone 'Deewana'
Mamma is afraid to see horror show in 'Raat'
But now Bhaiya always says 'Banegi Apni Baat'
There are quarrels and shouts
And now there is no 'Shanti' in the house
Books are waiting in their stand
Poor remote control jumps from hand to hand 
Now who will decide, if 
This Cable TV is a boon or a curse on this land

शनिवार, दिसंबर 22, 2012

Victory or Defeat

A poem again from my old school days written during the times of Kargil War. Enjoy!

Victory, Victory, Victory
An all round victory - says Atal
A moral victory - says Nawaz 
A marvellous triumph - says Technology
but behind this jubiliations, weeps 
Mankind - desperate in the utter defeat.

Ask the mother - 
Yesterday, with hopes of life in her lap, 
Today, nurses the bodies of dead.

Ask the innocent child - 
Yesterday, the spark of happiess, 
Today, alone in the chilly darkness of fear.

Ask the man whose loyalties pledged - 
Yesterday, a father, a brother, a husband, a son, 
Today, lies unknown, admist unknowns.

Can you return their laughter, their hopes, 
Their precious lives, those dreams you stole?
Wash the blood stains with acid or alcohol?
Wash the tears with perfumed Arabian Kohl ?

When vanity, greed and ambition don the mantle of righteousness
When leaders drunk with power
Forget their roots, their fellomen
When weeds of death cover the garden of life
There in every land, in every heart looms
The dark cloud, the black hand of 
Defeat, Defeat, only Defeat!

मंगलवार, दिसंबर 18, 2012

Life Is

Life is a 'Goal', reach it
Life is a 'Promise', fulfill it 
Life is a 'Opportunity', utilize it 
Life is a 'Journey', complete it
Life is a 'Game', play it
Life is a 'Duty', perform it
Life is a 'Struggle', accept it
Life is a 'Challenge', meet it
Life is an 'Adventure', dare it
Life is a 'Mystery', unfold it
Life is a 'Dream', realize it
Life is a 'Song', sing it
Life is a 'Flower', smell it
Life is a 'Beauty', worship it 
Life is a 'Love', enjoy it
Life is a 'Bliss', taste it
Life is a 'Battle', fight it
Life is a 'Test', pass it
Life is a 'Horrible', fear it
Life is a 'Problem', solve it
Life is a 'Trouble', face it
Life is a 'Joke', laugh on it
But still.....
Life is Life, so Live it.

गुरुवार, दिसंबर 13, 2012

Theme for a Dream

One more poem written during the yester years of school days. Don't exactly remember the date now. Might be in 1998 or so. 

I sit down to write...
Gosh ! I don't have to fight!
Drowned in the pool of imagination, 
I feel fright; pain, futility, 
Everything, but inspiration!

Prosperity seems so far...
Whimpering over the far pavilions, 
For poverty is all pervading, and above par;
a smile weighed against a lifetime, 
as for tears, even a life is so little a time!

I think about health...
And chide myself, for inacccessible is that wealth, 
Failing everywhere, not leaving
Any trace anywhere
Distancing itself from this realm of reality!

The darkness deepens...
Time runs out, the day is out;
Human efforts counts not, and neither does luck...
The sun was so pale, the moon so frail, 
No guiding light!

I have now attained such a state;
In front of me, Happiness lies prostrate, 
Despair, Erect with it s welcoming bondage
Disillusioned; I need a theme 
even for a 'DREAM'!

The Newspaper - 1997

Early in the morning with the tea
You are holding it in your hand
Reading it 
You will have an idea
Of happenings of different lands
Formed with the letters N, E, W, S --
North, East, West and South
On reading it with full concentration 
You can pass all the examinations
It talks of political leaders in action
And contains good news of sports too 
State of affairs of the ocuntry
And the work which citizens do 
It is this good Newspaper
Which everyone must read 
For sharp general knowledge
anyone can surely trust

My School - Class XI

A poem written about my school, class and friends. Those were the best days of my life. Still miss my class XI - XII and all my friends.

I study in Vidhyapeeth 
But i feel everybody there is stupeed
There are nice and beautiful teachers 
But they are more or less preachers
My principal is nice 
But i always have to wish him 'Good Morning' twice
I'm in class eleven 
I always think my class is a heaven 
My seat is in the middle 
So i don't have to fiddle
My partner is always sitting on my lap
I feel like giving him a tight slap
We don't have any monitor
Otherwise he would have been a man eater
My best friend's name is 'Choty'
And he always seems to be naughty
We have eight classes
So, most of the time i have to wear glasses
I am nearly always taking a rest
But i like my school and its the best

रविवार, दिसंबर 09, 2012

Laud Someone Home

Today i am expatiating
During the wee hours
Of todays' chilling sunday winters
I am actually thinking nothing

My mind is totally empty
My heart is totally filled with affliction
But still i miss someone
Maybe that smile
The way they fills my soul with prosperity

Years have gone past
That have made my heart and myself
Grow despondent

May be someone out there
Can put it back together
I really miss those days
I really miss those people
I really miss the ways
They make me laugh and smile

My real smile
Is now buried under
My big shoddy laugh
But i know that
There is someone 
Still out there 
Have been on the 
Flinty road 
To my heart
Will peer at the stars

And i will 
Laud that someone home

गुरुवार, दिसंबर 06, 2012

Game Called Life

I'm not very good
At this Game called Life
For I've not learned to see children crying
Without feeling pain
For I've not learned to watch animals destroyed
Without wondering why
For I've not yet met a king or a celebrity
That I would bow down to
Or a man so insignificant
That I would use for a stepping-stone
For I've not learned to be a 'yes man'
To narrow minded bosses
Who quote rules without reason
And I've not learned to manipulate
The feelings of others
To be used for my own advantages
Then cast aside as I see fit
No, I'm not very good
At this Game called Life
And if everything goes well
Maybe I never will be...

These lines are not mine. Read them somewhere and really liked them because they relate to me, my feelings and my thinking. It seems that there is someone somewhere who is like me. So just published them on my blog. 

In My Dreams

I hear her whispers in my ears in my dreams
I hear her murmuring my name when i love her in my dreams
I hear her moans and groans in my dreams
I hear her saying make love to me in my dreams
I hear her telling me that i am the only one for her in my dreams
I hear her everyday and i love it so much

I see her falling into my arms in my dreams
I see her glowing face lightning up my darkness in my dreams
I see her fighting my problems in my dreams
I see her wiping off my tears in my dreams
I see her facing my fears in my dreams
I see her everyday and i love it so much

I smell her body fragrance, as i hold her in my dreams
I smell her hair conditioner, as i hug her in my dreams
I smell her mouthwash, as i kiss her in my dreams
I smell her excitement, as she cuddle in me in my dreams
I smell her aroma, as she looses herself in my arms in my dreams
I smell her everyday and i love it so much

I feel her fingers in my hair in my dreams
I feel her hot breath on my neck in my dreams
I feel her body pressed so close to mine in my dreams
I feel her lips on my throat in my dreams
I feel her hands move on my body in my dreams
I feel her everyday and i love it so much

I taste her lips in my dreams
I taste her tongue in my dreams
I taste her moistness in my dreams
I taste her salts in my dreams
I taste her love, passion and kisses in my dreams
I taste her everyday and i love it so much

I hear her in my dreams
I see her in my dreams
I smell her in my dreams
I feel her in my dreams
I taste her in my dreams
I do all this everyday and i love it so much

I am finally with her
She is finally with me
I love this so much
I love her all my life
Till i die, Till i die.

रविवार, नवंबर 18, 2012

What do you want ?

She once asked me
What do you want?

Today i found the answer
...What do I want?

I want to hug you

I want to kiss you
I want to miss you
I want to love you
Like you say you love me.

I want to please you,
as I am a beauty pleaser.
How could I possibly say no?
You're here in my thoughts,
hurting & fighting with your life.

I don't know who I am -
God knows who I am.
If only he could reign his truth
upon my soul.

If only, then I could tell you
what I truly want.

He Said...

Maybe it won't go away, he said.
Maybe it won't end.
Maybe you'll go on out your life;
Maybe you'll always wonder.

You can't just shake it off, he said.
You can't make yourself forget.
You can't shut down your heart;
You can't by yourself, he said.

One day you'll be grown, he said.
One day you'll look back.
One day it might make sense;
Some days it still won't.

Make a choice, he said.
Make it count.
Make yourself better.
Make her a ghost of the past.

But what if, I said,
But what if I can't?
But what if I cry?
But what if I die?

He said, look to God.
He said, look to me.
He said a lot of things
That he didn't really mean.

शुक्रवार, नवंबर 16, 2012

I Have Learnt...

I have learnt,
I Came alone and i have to go Alone.

I have learnt,
Some People are with you only
When they Need you, Not Otherwise.

I have learnt,
If you Care for Someone too much
you will be Hurt and Ultimately Blamed.

I have learnt,
There is always a reason to love someone
Some love for good and some were made to love for good.

I have learnt,
Mother is the best friend in this world
No one can replace her even if someone says he/she loves you.

I have learnt,
Love Someone but not so much that
you forget to Keep some Love for yourself...

बुधवार, अक्तूबर 31, 2012

A Thought

I unbutton you, kiss by kiss.
I untie you, touch by touch.
I unzip you, rib by rib.

- I unfasten you, moment by moment.

Hopeless Romantic

You are watching,
A Romantic movie.

You always knows the kind,
Boy meets Girl,
Girl meets Boy,
Both fall for each other,
Sing around trees,
On daily transport,
Pass all difficulties,
Token break up,
Heart-warming reunion.

The warm, fuzzy feeling
Prevades for hours,
Until you actually feel and think

Actually Love,
Is NEVER like that,
Atleast Not in real life,
It's stylized,
Larger than life,
Obviously a work of fiction,
The cross country road trip,
Would never lead to her
In the end.

You won't bump into each other,
You won't get on the same bus,
You won't get in the same auto,
You won't live in the same colony,
You won't sing and dance on the same road,
You won't repeat the same dialogues in life.

But, then you still sit on your,
Bed, Chair, Sofa or,
In a Theatre,
All Alone,
That it would happen,
To you someday.


You are watching,
A Romantic movie.

You always knows the kind,
Boy meets Girl,
Girl meets Boy,
Both fall for each other,
Sing around trees,
On daily transport,
Pass all difficulties,
Token break up,
Heart-warming reunion.

The warm, fuzzy feeling,
Prevades for hours,
Until you actually feel,
And think That.

You snuggle up to your,
Girlfriend, Boyfriend,
Partner or whatever,
And see it’s obviously a work,
Of fiction.

You don’t care.

You share an ‘awwww’ moment,
Maybe a kiss or two,
And then start thinking,
About something else too.

Because you don’t see them,
Wishing it was you.

You look at them,
And see yourself,
And your love.

Because it has happened to you
To a certain extent.


You wonder,
Whether these thoughts
Are True,
Whether your 'red italics'
Wishes were correct.

Whether your theory,
will be proved,
Or disproved,
In spectacular style.

Does love in the movies,
In the minds of the lovers?

Or is it still just,
A Hopeful Dream,
Of a Hopeless Romantic?

मंगलवार, अक्तूबर 30, 2012

my Pain is...

my Pain is...

my Anger
my Dissapointment
my Lost hopes
my Shattered dreams
my Total failure
my Unsucessfulness
my Unavalible skills
my Small achievements
my Fight

...my Fuel for living