Book Review लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं
Book Review लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं

गुरुवार, जनवरी 22, 2015

Tat Tvam Asi Review

To start with I must enunciate what a book “Tat Tvam Asi” which explains a lot of concepts in itself. A small Sanskrit word that can be delineated into variegated meanings of life. It’s a combination of three words “Tat” meaning “That”, “Tavm” meaning “You” and “Asi” meaning “Are” that binds as a sentence “That You Are”. According to what I have understood here “That” refers to “God” which exists in each one of us, saying “You are God”. Actually, however, we are not really God but we have a bit of God inside our hearts that makes us do right things at right times and take correct decisions in life. Same conceptual real life stories are being shared here in this title and the stories narrated by the author are just awe-inspiring.

Firstly I will thank the publisher for publishing such nice title and mailing me a copy for review. The cover page is really riveting and intriguing with notional design with the title printed over it, followed by the author’s name in hindi style font. As a debutant writer, Pinky Achary’s writing style is heartfully salubrious, acceptable and pleasantly attractive. The stories are corraled down in a very earnestly and wholeheartedly fashion. It took me decent time to finish this book because after reading the first chapter I did not want to peruse the entire book in rush. The memoirs and experiences of the author have struck a cord with me as a reader. Only a woman with high self esteem and pure thoughts can bind such feelings in words and present it as a book, which is indeed a gift for the society.

There are approximately 24 chapters in the book and each one holds a different flavour from life. The language is easy going and no fancy or unnecessary philosophical vocabulary is used in the content. Flavoured with lots of different spices from real life incidents the book relates to the common person. My personal favourites are ‘Change the World Within’, ‘Seva’, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, ’The Paatiwalas’, ‘The Prodigal Son’, ‘Mind over Matter’, ‘Life is What You Make It’ and ‘National Pride’. All these have been penned with tremendously thought provoking educational content.

Book runs 116 pages long. Each story spreads in an average of 2-3 pages. Editing is tersely done. Quality of print and paper is good. Couple of chapters are there that need rework but I won’t talk about them here because the book is full of positivity, moral values and truly humanitarian vibes. I loved the writing and totally enjoyed the book.

I will give 4.5/5 to this book. Kudos to the writer, publisher and will recommend this book to every person.

--- Tushar Raj Rastogi ---

गुरुवार, सितंबर 18, 2014

Faceless by Nizam Ahmed - Book Review Nizam Ahmed

First of all I would like to thank for sending me books to read and review them.

Its really like that I deliberately and seriously want to criticize the book "Faceless" and its author. Whatever I am posting and writing here in this review after reading the book, is completely based on my personal opinion. The writing, the language, the plot, the narration & every single thing of this book is abrogating & nugatory. Leaves a very amatory impression about the author and his thoughts.


  • Faceless - what kind of a name is this ? Such a depressing and negative title. Cover page of a book with such dark feeling. I strongly felt it would have been much better if the writer would have given some adventurous name analogous to the plot.
  • The language is very mediocre.
  • Though the plot or idea of a superhero is really exciting but the author have killed it himself with his writing skills. He could have managed to bring this plot so beautifully but just bobbled and bumbled the whole creativity.
  • When we are talking about the superhero thing, it has to be interesting, full of surprises, action, power pact with rainbow of super powers creating some chain of events but here in this book no creativity, originality, inventiveness and imagination is shown in this context. Can anyone ever imagine of a superhero with only one superpower throughout the book while its told that he is a defender with excessively heroic powers.
  • From the start of the book till it finishes, it seems as if i have been watching some "C" grade movie which is a mix concept of South Indian, Bhojpuri and Bollywood cinema with abstracted ideas from various boring sources like mix of quotidian flicks and low-cost novels & stories where superhero protagonist and the main antagonist both are so predictable. The overall idea is a complete cliche. A depressing love story where the female lead never ever expresses anything properly. Instead she is a kind of conundrum to everyone.
  • The superhero section is also not very out of the box thinking. I felt its a depreciated mix of stolen ideas from various superhero movies.

I definitely would not recommend this book as a must read. Its very disappointing and I personally feel is totally a waste of time. I author is very kiddish and need more maturity in his writing. I am sorry to say but I seriously did not liked this book at all. I generally don't write reviews like that but this book is literally an exception. I rate this book 1/5. Overall one of the most pathetic book I have ever read.

शुक्रवार, मई 09, 2014

I shall Not Hear the Nightingale

After a very long time i have read such fine novelty by Late. Mr. Khushwant Singh. One of the finest stories i have read so far told with such ease and simplicity. What a writer, what command over the language, bluntness, openness, situations, characters, narration and spellbinding story telling. 

The novel was all set to convey the story of a family where each family member have got their own independent thinking and ways of living yet they are bonded together with love, affection, respect, dedication, loyalty, tears, gratitude, attitude, and faith in Almighty. 

The loyalty of a magistrate towards the British Raj with the heart of a father for a son at home, the belief and affection of a mother and a wife, the generative, passionate, blooming hale of a young wife, the sincerety of a son and a husband, whimsical and flirtatious youth, the rake lover, opportunistic Infidelity, honesty of maid and servant, patriotism in human genes, obedience and truthfulness of a tamed dog and sympathies of an english man towards an indian family. Full on drama, suspense, action, thrill, sex, murder, plotting, crime, jail, politics, manliness, womanhood all this and lot more....excellently composed and swarmed in the form of a book. 

The character of Sarbhai is really very humble and devoted. Marvellous job done with her characterization. Complete portrait of Indian mother. I had tears in my eyes while reading about her demise in the chapter. Such a dignified and true portrait of Indian woman. 

Well...! Its the first novel that i have read by him and i can proudly say that i have an urge to read more by him. I am totally in love with his writing. The novel indeed is really very engaging. I completed it in 3 days. The more i read the more i crave to know more. Its been really an awesome experience. 

Will recommend it to everyone who like to read and also to those who don't like to read because after reading this they will start liking to read books.

शनिवार, मई 03, 2014

My Review for the book - Potluck

Potluck - Just finished reading this book. 

A bouquet of thoughts framed into stories featuring amazing collection of soulful exaggerations, sensible, intriguing, engaging, full swing drama, emotions, love, pain, relationships, memoirs, peace, devotion, adoration and so much more...that seems just plain truth inspite of being imagination. A book full of variety from all aspects of life which makes it a good read with a enjoyable but kindda serious starting... of course the book is DAMN GOOD !!!... Finally everything starts to interwine as you start reading the book and you just go mesmerised until you finish the book.. you won't be able to keep the book down once you start it and thats a guarantee!! 

I have just finished reading this book. Nicely woven basket of short stories. Seems totally realistic. Featurelessly narrated. Apposite characters. Enjoyable wordings. Congruous vocabulary.  After reading the stories i am having a feel that this book may have a potential to create buzz among the masses as the stories are close to reality and rings a ting in readers mind by reminding of similar incedents that may have happened with him in past. I wanted to give a detailed storywise review but due to scarcity of time avoiding it. So i will be giving complete analysis of the book in one go. 

The stories are really good. But just have one question in mind - why to start a book with an incident that ends up with such sad ending of blood and death ? Something jovial, happening, interesting, comical, and sparky must have been used to generate a fire in the minds of the reader and to develop excitement and interest in this book. Otherwise all other stories are quite decently told. Overall reading this book is a satisfying experience.

Some of my personal favourite stories that i enjoyed reading and liked most are : 

1. Pink - My Favourite Colour by Bhavini Merchant Dayal
2. The Peas, the Peck and the Pickles by Bhavini Merchant Dayal
3. A Weekend at Aspect Hall by Janki Thackersey
4. Ma's Waiting by Renu Balakrishnan
5. The Lady on the Plane by Richa S. Chatterjee
6. The Reunion by Richa S. Chatterjee

I will rate this book 3.5/5 stars. Also, will recommend this book to everyone those who really enjoy reading astute fiction and non fiction about life and relations.