Pinky Acharya लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं
Pinky Acharya लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं

गुरुवार, जनवरी 22, 2015

Tat Tvam Asi Review

To start with I must enunciate what a book “Tat Tvam Asi” which explains a lot of concepts in itself. A small Sanskrit word that can be delineated into variegated meanings of life. It’s a combination of three words “Tat” meaning “That”, “Tavm” meaning “You” and “Asi” meaning “Are” that binds as a sentence “That You Are”. According to what I have understood here “That” refers to “God” which exists in each one of us, saying “You are God”. Actually, however, we are not really God but we have a bit of God inside our hearts that makes us do right things at right times and take correct decisions in life. Same conceptual real life stories are being shared here in this title and the stories narrated by the author are just awe-inspiring.

Firstly I will thank the publisher for publishing such nice title and mailing me a copy for review. The cover page is really riveting and intriguing with notional design with the title printed over it, followed by the author’s name in hindi style font. As a debutant writer, Pinky Achary’s writing style is heartfully salubrious, acceptable and pleasantly attractive. The stories are corraled down in a very earnestly and wholeheartedly fashion. It took me decent time to finish this book because after reading the first chapter I did not want to peruse the entire book in rush. The memoirs and experiences of the author have struck a cord with me as a reader. Only a woman with high self esteem and pure thoughts can bind such feelings in words and present it as a book, which is indeed a gift for the society.

There are approximately 24 chapters in the book and each one holds a different flavour from life. The language is easy going and no fancy or unnecessary philosophical vocabulary is used in the content. Flavoured with lots of different spices from real life incidents the book relates to the common person. My personal favourites are ‘Change the World Within’, ‘Seva’, ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, ’The Paatiwalas’, ‘The Prodigal Son’, ‘Mind over Matter’, ‘Life is What You Make It’ and ‘National Pride’. All these have been penned with tremendously thought provoking educational content.

Book runs 116 pages long. Each story spreads in an average of 2-3 pages. Editing is tersely done. Quality of print and paper is good. Couple of chapters are there that need rework but I won’t talk about them here because the book is full of positivity, moral values and truly humanitarian vibes. I loved the writing and totally enjoyed the book.

I will give 4.5/5 to this book. Kudos to the writer, publisher and will recommend this book to every person.

--- Tushar Raj Rastogi ---