khushwant singh लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं
khushwant singh लेबलों वाले संदेश दिखाए जा रहे हैं. सभी संदेश दिखाएं

शुक्रवार, मई 09, 2014

I shall Not Hear the Nightingale

After a very long time i have read such fine novelty by Late. Mr. Khushwant Singh. One of the finest stories i have read so far told with such ease and simplicity. What a writer, what command over the language, bluntness, openness, situations, characters, narration and spellbinding story telling. 

The novel was all set to convey the story of a family where each family member have got their own independent thinking and ways of living yet they are bonded together with love, affection, respect, dedication, loyalty, tears, gratitude, attitude, and faith in Almighty. 

The loyalty of a magistrate towards the British Raj with the heart of a father for a son at home, the belief and affection of a mother and a wife, the generative, passionate, blooming hale of a young wife, the sincerety of a son and a husband, whimsical and flirtatious youth, the rake lover, opportunistic Infidelity, honesty of maid and servant, patriotism in human genes, obedience and truthfulness of a tamed dog and sympathies of an english man towards an indian family. Full on drama, suspense, action, thrill, sex, murder, plotting, crime, jail, politics, manliness, womanhood all this and lot more....excellently composed and swarmed in the form of a book. 

The character of Sarbhai is really very humble and devoted. Marvellous job done with her characterization. Complete portrait of Indian mother. I had tears in my eyes while reading about her demise in the chapter. Such a dignified and true portrait of Indian woman. 

Well...! Its the first novel that i have read by him and i can proudly say that i have an urge to read more by him. I am totally in love with his writing. The novel indeed is really very engaging. I completed it in 3 days. The more i read the more i crave to know more. Its been really an awesome experience. 

Will recommend it to everyone who like to read and also to those who don't like to read because after reading this they will start liking to read books.