गुरुवार, अगस्त 30, 2012

For Me Love is ....

Love is Aroused
Love is Adoration
Love is Avid
Love is Adult
Love is Autoerotic
Love is Antiseptic
Love is Beautiful
Love is Blue
Love is Care
Love is Caress
Love is Coquettish
Love is Captivating

Love is 'Deep'
Love is Desire

Love is Dare
Love is Eternal
Love is Erotic
Love is Excite
Love is Fondle
Love is Flirtatious
Love is Forever
Love is Gamey
Love is Gold
Love is Gamy
Love is Hot
Love is Horny
Love is Highly Sexed
Love is Happiness
Love is Hunger
Love is Intimate
Love is Infected
Love is Immature
Love is Irreplaceable
Love is Joined
Love is Jazz
Love is Juicy
Love is Kept
Love is Kisses
Love is Lascivious
Love is Lustre
Love is Lustful
Love is Lubricious
Love is Leering
Love is Leering
Love is Lecherous
Love is Luscious
Love is Lewd
Love is Libidinous
Love is Magical
Love is Mature
Love is Natural
Love is Naughty
Love is Nude
Love is Overpowering
Love is Oversexed
Love is Open
Love is Orgiastic
Love is Precious
Love is Prurient
Love is Penetration
Love is Pornographic
Love is Purple
Love is Predicate
Love is Provocative
Love is Quaint
Love is Quiet
Love is Quirky
Love is Quiver
Love is Rare
Love is Racy
Love is Ruttish
Love is Randy
Love is Red Hot
Love is Raunchy
Love is Risque
Love is Stroke
Love is Satisfaction
Love is Sin
Love is Sexual
Love is Salacious
Love is Septic
Love is Spicy
Love is Sexy
Love is Sexed
Love is Steamy
Love is Shared
Love is Starve
Love is Truth
Love is Toothsome
Love is Titillating
Love is Thirst
Love is Unconditional
Love is Unify
Love is Undying
Love is Undress
Love is Upbeat
Love is Understanding
Love is Valued
Love is Valentine
Love is Vixon
Love is Voluptuous
Love is Vivacious
Love is Wind
Love is Want
Love is Warmth
Love is XXXXXX
Love is Yours
Love is Young
Love is Yearning
Love is Zealous
Love is Zatch
Love is Zazzy
Love is Zonked
Love is Zappy
Love is Zany
Love is Zesty

What is Love?

What is love I ask, for I'm not sure if you know,
Love to me is something beautiful, but its very difficult to show.
What is love if not a clichè between two people?
Do you really love them as you say you do?
What if you're up there, on the steeple?

You tell them you love them,
But you say that to everyone.
You tell me the same,
But I know you're a lying dame.

Do you give a care,
To those who would even dare?
Dare to love you each and every day,
As I would, even when I lay?

The difference between you and I,
Is that I simply don't lie.
I know who I love and that is truth,
So here is your chance, to be a genuine sleuth.

Does your heart flutter when they step into the room?
Do you feel as if you have to talk to them?
Is the urge strong enough to make you swoon?
Do you think about them each and every day?
Do they make you feel special in every possible way?

When you tell them you love them do you really mean it?
Do you tell them so much they actually conceive it?
What happens when they tell you they love you too?
What do you think, you might do?

Would you hold them close and whisper quietly,
Would they return the embrace?
Do you kiss them lightly?
Which makes me realize I've picked on you,
Only asking about how you feel, which makes me wonder... Do they really love you too?

Do they kiss you gently and hold you dear,
Do they promise they'll always be near?
Will they trust and adore you until the end?
How many moments with you will they decide to spend?

How do they show how they've been blessed,
Do they cup your face, despite your protest?
Do they smile when they see you looking at their face,
Do they make the effort for the two of you to stay, in the same place?

Do they get the shivers when you kiss their cheek,
Would they give you the same thing, even if you hadn't seen each other in weeks?
Can they give you what I can without hurting you like a miserable wretch?
What can they do but hurt you, and make your heart rench?

So I ask you again, what is love? And who disserves yours?

गुरुवार, अगस्त 23, 2012

What is a poem?

What is a poem?
It's but a dream
A wish
A love
A hope
A poem is but a thought

What is a poet?
They are but a dreamer
A thinker
A feeler
A lover
A poet is but a watcher

What is a dream?
It's but a secret future
A hidden thought
A need
A want
A dream is but an emotion

What is this world?
It's but a world of dreamers
A world of lovers
A world of poets
A world of emotion
All this is but a poem...

Hold me now

Hold me now
Please don't let me go
I have waited so long
And I think that you know

It's like a dream
A dream I have dreamed many times
Holding you in my arms
Knowing that you are alive

I was so tired of longing
And now you are here
But you may need to go soon
That is my greatest fear

It could be a few minutes
It might be for days
It could be years
Or seconds away

So just hold me close
Near to your heart
Even a few moments with you
May just be enough

मंगलवार, अगस्त 21, 2012

I Want You to Fuck Me

I realized i failed at being erotic, so i wrote this monstrosity to be more blunt, yet quite amusing, not vulgar like it had the potential to become.

I don't need artistic and stylish words
To tell you that I want you to fuck me
I mean, dammit, you should know
You're fucking sexy, sensual and juicy
And I can't help but want you
Just hold me down and fuck me
As much as you want
Just one look at you
Makes me aroused than I can bear
I'll lock myself in my room
And take care of it myself
Though it's your responsibility
Gone and made me wet?
I'll let it slide this time
But, whether you like it or not,
Someday, I'll get you
And I'll fuck you and I guarantee
You'll never forget it

My Autobiography

I Lie down
Close my eyes.
And see you
Your face
Your eyes
Your nose
Your lips
Your tongue
Your cheek
But you aren't really there.

I again tried
Close my eyes.
And see you
Your body
Your boobs
Your nipples
Your stomach
Your belly button
Your thighs
Your buttocks
Your pussy
Your feet
But you really aren't there.

I have a knack
For figuring people out.
And you
And me
Are meant to be together.

How can I explain?

I thought that you were there.
I couldn't feel your body
Or anything fun like that.
But I could feel
You know what I mean.

You're one of those people who can feel things, too.

I haven't put much thought into this poem.
It's been
Few minutes
Since I've started writing.
It's not
Freakishly Amazing.

This is not Dante's Inferno.
It is not written to be beautiful.
It is just the truth.
The naked truth of my life.
is not
A story.

It's an Autobiography.

I'm telling you exactly how it is,
What I've seen.

Because I know that you can see it, too.

My Heart

Somebody ask me
Whats wrong ?
So I can pour out my heart
That has been ever so accustomed to swell up

Why shouldn't it?
I've worn it on my sleeve for too long

For it is bloody and bruised 
And has been through too much
And its worn and torn
And has made me tough
Love has tangled itself up
In this mess of my swelling heart
And I couldn't ask for anything more
For this love is whats keeping me sane at any given moment
And this love, its so strong I just can't let it go
This exspression of overflowing emotion 
Has become too much
People around me don't think I'm so tough
For they see my heart fading
My pulse going out
Its finally all gotten to be too much

कहो तो सुना दूं मैं दिल की कहानी

कहो तो सुना दूं मैं दिल की कहानी
कहूँ कुछ नयन से, कहूँ कुछ ज़बानी

यह दों लाइन मैंने  फ़ेसबुक पर पढ़ी तो सोचा के कुछ मैं भी कहूँ -

कहो तो सुना दूं मैं दिल की कहानी
कहूँ कुछ नयन से, कहूँ कुछ ज़बानी
थोड़े से आंसू है, थोड़ी परेशानी
कहो तुम को दिखला दूं मैं जिंदगानी
टूटा हुआ दिल है, मंजिल है अनजानी
कुछ बिखरी यादें हैं, उसकी निशानी
वो जज्बाती लम्हे, साथ उसकी जवानी
भूला नहीं हूँ, वो शामें मस्तानी
तेरा साथ था, खून में थी रवानी
मेरा दिल तेरा था, तू थी मेरी दीवानी
बस अब कहूँगा नहीं कुछ भी आगे
दुनिया हो गयी है बहुत ही सायानी
कहो तो सुना दूं मैं दिल की कहानी
कहूँ कुछ नयन से, कहूँ कुछ ज़बानी...

रविवार, अगस्त 19, 2012

कोई होता

भर आई थी आँख लेकिन बरसी ही नहीं
दर्द तो है दिल में मगर कहते हम नहीं
कोई होता जो मुझसे भी पूछ लेता
जग रहे हो किस लिए तुम ?
अब तक सोये क्यों नहीं ?
याद करता हूँ जब भी उसे
दिल भर आता है
कभी साथ था वो
अब दीदार को दिल तरस जाता है
जिंदगी इतनी बेवफा हो गई 'निर्जन'
हर  एक अंजना भी अब
अपना ही नज़र आता है
कोई होता....